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Gill Hurlstone has 20 years of international commercial and educational experience.  Starting work in Germany, after qualifying with a degree in International Business, she confidently supported international companies entering the German market through direct marketing channels.  Taking on full responsibility for her clients, she  fully incorporated use of both the German and the English languages and adopted the cultural nuances  which come with being immersed in a foreign country.

A period working in the USA gave Gill an insight into business culture in America before returning to the UK to continue successfully continuing to practise her business acumen & customer relationship skills.


Gill used her international background to teach German and French in English secondary schools and was recognized by the Department for Education for having exceptional skills.  


As a well-organised multi-tasker, Gill takes pride in meeting tight deadlines and working above expectations.  Gill's ability to quickly learn processes and details makes her invaluable to the companies she works with and enables her to deliver high quality representation at all levels.

Having worked in a number of areas and countries both commercially and in education, Gill has a wealth of associates who are able to support her in her provision of extra hours. 

As a busy working-mum, Gill can empathise with many, about the requirement to find more hours in the day and is delighted to be able to offer her clients a solution to the increasing demands of finding a good work/life balance .

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