• Gill Hurlstone

Tips to manage your mails

  1. Set auto response letting your clients know that you’ll check your emails at two or three specified times in the day.

  2. Turn off your email notifications and check them only when you have time to deal with them.

  3. Don’t check your emails first thing in the morning.  Use your “to-do” list to prioritize your work, not your incoming emails.

On average a person will spend 3 hours a day answering and responding to e-mails.   Much of this time is not scheduled or allocated, but dealt with as a direct interruption to another task. It takes an additional 30 seconds per interruption for the brain to change focus. 

Increased productivity can have a direct impact on your profitability and potential to grow.  There is nothing better than a completed to-do list and what better way to do it, than manage your mails, so that they interrupt you less and you can deal with them when you're ready.

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