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How to transform your growing small business

Updated: Jun 5, 2020

When you started your business, you had to wear all the hats. You had to be the driving force and the "manager of all". You knew it wasn’t your best fit, but you could do it until the business grew a little and you could hire help. Soon you took on someone to take care of the basic tasks, but you couldn’t let go of much more. You still needed to lead and manage alone. You told your family (and yourself) that wearing both hats wouldn’t last much longer and you could handle it.

Now, your business keeps growing and you spend way too much time managing and not enough time leading and moving forward. You don’t have enough time, or head space, to decide where the business is going because you’re trying to keep up with managerial tasks you never wanted. This isn't what you set up your own business for!

You started your business to change the world and to have the freedom to enjoy life. At this point, you can’t do either because you can’t get out of that manager role long enough to catch your breath!

Hitting the ceiling is inevitable. Every successful entrepreneur comes to the point where they can’t continue to manage and grow the business by themselves. It's time to make another leap of faith and put their trust into someone who will care for the business as much as they do. They need online business management services so they can move into the CEO position and driving seat to grow the company.

An OBM (online business manager) is a professional business manager who runs the company’s daily operations to give the owner energy and time to focus on strategic growth. The OBM gives the owner permission to be the entrepreneur, whilst ensuring that the clients are still served, the company’s projects are still planned and tracked, and multiple tasks are completed to their fullest potential.

The OBM keeps all the balls in the air, harmoniously combining the major functions of the business (sales, marketing, operations, and finance), running the organization, and managing day-to-day issues. This role is literally the glue that holds the people, processes, systems, and strategy of the company together. The OBM creates space so the business owner can fully step into the CEO role and come up with the visions of the company.

Are you ready to get back to doing what you do best?

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