We all know that time is money and you'll, understandably, want to know how much it will be to hire our top-class services.

To keep you in control right from the outset, we offer three types of budgeting to suit your bespoke requirements.

creating more hours in your day 

Twenty 5 seveN

By the hour

If you want to stay flexible our pay-as-you-go rate is £35 per hour, working to the nearest 15 minutes - so if your task only takes 15 minutes you'll be charged for 15 minutes, not the hour.


If you know you'd want a series of services over a fixed amount of hours a month, then a retainer rate will work best for you.  
This way you can budget for your costs without worrying about them going out of control.

Packages and discounts may be available.


Sometimes you have a specific project in mind and it's easier to set a price for the task.

We will discuss your requirements and time frames with you and come up with a project based pricing schedule that suits your needs.

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